Getting Started

Getting started:

Welcome to Lifecycle Insights! We are excited you are here. The first step in getting started will be to set up your integrations and companies. We will outline the process for you, but if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to our support team by either clicking on the support button at the bottom of the navigation bar in the platform or contacting us through Happy Lifecycling!


Integrations: If you have not already completed your PSA integration, choose the integration below and follow those instructions. (For assessment only, you will manually add companies, so click here.)

Company mapping (activating companies):

Once your integration is complete, your first step in onboarding will be to ensure the appropriate customers are active in the platform. We have attempted to activate the number of companies aligned with your subscription based on our algorithm.


To confirm or update your active companies, click on the integrations button under the administration area.

Then choose the tile that aligns with your PSA. Choose the company selection tab where you will see your subscription status along with how many clients you currently have set as Active.


You will see the list of all companies that have been imported along with their status from the source integration and company type as well as check boxes indicating which companies are active.



If you have lots of companies in the site, use search to identify a specific company that you want to add or remove OR use the “advance filtering” option.

Once you have chosen which companies you wish you have active, be sure to click "Save Company Changes" at the top of the page.

This will immediately update your company picker list on the dashboard and report pages.


Asset status mapping:

Next you will want to ensure that we are reporting on the correct asset status.By default, we only enable asset/configuration status of ACTIVE from your PSA. If you want to show other assets tied to a specific status, you will need to choose that on the asset status mapping tab in the PSA Integration tile.

Click on Integrations Your Primary Integration Tile:

Choose your associated PSA tile.



Select the Asset Status Mapping tab.

If you want to show other assets tied to a specific status, check in the right-hand Display column, and click "Save Changes" at the top.


Asset Mapping Tab:

The final step in asset mapping allows you to determine which PSA asset/configuration types map to which LCI Asset types. In the PSA tile choose the Asset Mapping Tab

Some of the configurations will have default mappings to LCI Asset Types. All of these can be modified by using the drop down to the right of each asset/configuration.

Lifecycle Insights uses these Asset Types to categorize and aggregate data on the dashboard and in the reporting. If you would like additional asset types OR would like to rename the existing asset types to align with your company policies, you can do that in the Account Settings tab. See article on Asset Type Manager.


Next steps:

After you have completed this section, you will want to:

• Add New Users

Manage Asset Policies


If you would like to add new companies in order to give assessments only (a prospect not yet in your PSA for example), read this article.