Print Reports to PDF

Lifecycle Insights has added a print-to-PDF option for our download reports feature.  You can now download reports and tables as either CSV, docx, or pdf format files.  


The export icon has been modified.  Both the docx and pdf options can be found using the new document icon usually located in the upper-right corner of most report windows.  



You can Upload or select a logo to include in the printout and select either docx or pdf format using the provided selection buttons.



The print-to-pdf option is available for the following modules in vCIO:


User List

Asset List

Report Builder


Assessment Events

Budget Forecasts


MS Secure Score

Security Awareness reports BSN and KnowBe4

Saas reporting - Augmentt and Saaslio

Ticket Reports

MS 365 Summary Reports







Release Date: September 2022