How to Fix Automate's Sync (Labtech) to Get Better Data Quality

Per CW, here's a hint for Automate/Manage clients to get S/N sync'd over from Automate to CW:
*** should apply from Automate to IT Glue as well ***

The Default Device API Mapping for Computer Serial Number is incorrect. It's mapped to Computers.Asset Tag by default which is incorrect. It should be mapped to Computer.Bios.Version.

The Resolution for this issue:

  1. Under CW plugin, go to the Field Mapping section

  2. Click on the Device API Field Mapping tab

  3. Scroll to the Line with

CW Field - Serial Number
LT Field - Computer.AssetTag (or other value)
LT Device Type - Computer

  1. Change the LT Field mapping from Computer.AssetTag (or other value) to Computer.Bios.Version and click Save.

Upon next background sync or if you choose to sync manually before then - the serial numbers should start populating again to CW configurations.

  • **note the fields in the list ARE NOT in alphabetical order. Often partners think ' Computer.Bios.Version' isn't in the list. If you look through the whole thing you will find it there.