Select Your Companies

Setting up and finding companies is a key component to getting off to a start with Lifecycle Insights.  

This document will show you how to setup and select companies based on their configuration level and your subscription level.  

Please check the sections below for your setup instructions.


Adding Companies Manually - Assessment Only Companies 

If you have a vCIO subscription you can use the Integration and Company mapping instructions below to add Assessment only companies.  However, you may need to add a prospective customer manually if they are not yet setup in your PSA.  


Click here for instructions on Manually Adding a Company


Adding Companies via PSA Integration


Company mapping (activating companies):

Once your integration is complete, your first step in onboarding will be to ensure the appropriate customers are active in the platform. We have attempted to activate the number of companies aligned with your subscription based on our algorithm.


To confirm or update your active companies, click on the integrations button under the administration area.


Then choose the tile that is configured for your primary integration. 


screengrab pointing to connectwise integration your primary integration may be different

Choose the Company Selection tab where you will see your subscription status along with how many clients you currently have set as Active.


screengrab with company selection and number of active companies highlighted


You will see the list of all companies that have been imported along with their status from the source integration and company type as well as check boxes indicating which companies are active.  You can select to activate a company for vCIO, Assessment Only, or AIR

*Selections available are dependent on your subscription status.  Please check the status of your subscription located in the green box just above the company selection window.



If you have lots of companies in the site, use search to identify a specific company that you want to add or remove OR use the “advance filtering” option.


screengrab showing search and advanced filtering button

Once you have chosen which companies you wish you have active, be sure to click "Save Company Changes" at the bottom of the page.


screengrab of save changes button highlighted

This will immediately update your company picker list on the dashboard and report pages.

Companies added for AIR, vCIO, or Assessment only can be found by using the module selection located at the top of the Navigation pane located on the left side of the screen.