Autotask - Parent/Child Company Relationship

Important:  Parent Companies are only supported if you subscribe to vCIO
Lifecycle Insights does not support parent/child relationships natively within its platform (more on this in point 3 below).  That being said, we have a setting we can turn on for Autotask that will read the parent/child hierarchy.  If this setting is turned on, there are some important points that you should know: 
1.  We will create a new company entry in LCI for 'parent' Autotask accounts (IE accounts in Autotask that have child accounts) that will be suffixed with (parent).  So in order for this setting to be of any value, the parent/child relationship in Autotask must exist.


2.  The LCI Parent Company will allow you to view all assets, contacts, etc of the parent and child accounts.


3.  The LCI Parent Company and LCI Child companies will be treated as completely separate in LCI.  So by this, we mean that if you decide to enable the Parent account and child accounts in LCI...any changes working within the Parent company will not be visible in the Child company and vice versa.  For example, if you were to decide to enable Demo Co (Parent) and Demo Co Child...and you were to create an assessment in one - it would not be visible in the other.  For this reason, if you go the route of enabling parent companies, we would encourage you to disable the child companies in LCI.
Given the information above, enter a ticket if you would like for us to turn on the setting to enable Parent companies.  If so, it would take a full refresh of your data. We will reach out in the ticket when that implementation was complete.