Connectwise Manage Agreements - API Security Requirements

Lifecycle Insights allows you to import your agreements from Connectwise Manage as Contracts in LCI.  You can do this if your primary integration is with either Connectwise Manage or IT Glue.



Connectwise Manage Requirements

In order for us to pull Agreements from CW Manage, the CW Manage Security role set up for the LCI API key must have the appropriate access.  The following will walk you through ensuring that you have the correct access right set up for the API key being used.


1.  Log into CW Manage - you must log in as a user with Administrative privileges

2.  In the left Nav pane, click on Security, then choose Security Roles

3.  Find the Security Role that is tied to the API Member used for Lifecycle Insights

4.  Click on the name of the Security Role to bring up the Security Modules page.

5.  Expand Companies 

a. Ensure/set Inquire Level to All for Company Maintenance


6.  Expand Finance

a. Ensure/set Inquire Level to All for Agreements


7.  Click the Save icon at the top