Product Roadmap - 2022 Q4

As of Oct 2022, our Q4 2022 Roadmap items are as follows: (Please note that these items are subject to change)


  • Budget Enhancements
    • Fiscal Year Support (Deployed)
    • Generate budget as of data (Deployed)
    • Kanban Board View
  • New Dashboard Tiles
    • MS Secure Score (Deployed) 
    • CSAT (Deployed) 
    • Recommendation Summary (Deployed) 
    • Assessment Event Score History (Deployed) 
    • Microsoft 365 License Summary (Deployed) 
    • Headlines / Alerting, Upcoming Events
  • Customizable Dashboards
    • Drag and drop tiles / reorder (Deployed)
    • Create views by Tenant, User and Security Group (Deployed)
  • Report Builder (Target by End of Q4) 
    • ReportLocker
    • Templates vs events
    • Goals and objectives from CS
  • Prototype Running EU Instance (Active in Dev - Target by end of Dec 2022)
  • Automated Onboarding Enhancements (Active in Dev - Target by end of Dec)
  • Supported Integrations
    • Hudu
    • Phin Security
  • Knock out Enhancements as reported by our Partners!



If you have ideas for our product roadmap. please enter a support ticket or reach out to a member of our customer success team.