Setting up ConnectWise Manage Writeback

Setting up Lifecycle Insights for ConnectWise Manage Warranty Expiration and Purchase Date Writeback


Total Estimated time: Less than 10 minutes

The purpose of this document is to instruct you how to configure your applications so that warranty expiration and purchase dates can be written back from Lifecycle Insights to ConnectWise Manage.

This document is broken down into two sections.

  • ConnectWise Manage Configuration
    • Ensure that the API security role has Edit access to Configurations Entity
  • Lifecycle Insights Configuration
    • Choose appropriate settings to determine the criteria and which dates to write back.

ConnectWise Manage Configuration


Estimated Time: <5 minutes="minutes"></5>

We need to ensure that the API security role used by Lifecycle Insights has the appropriate access to update Purchase Date and/or Warranty Expiration date in ConnectWise Manage.   


  1. Log in to ConnectWise Manage.
  2. In the Left Nav Pane, click System, then click Security Roles as shown below.





3. Find and click on the security role you set up for Lifecycle Insights.

4. Expand Companies entity, and change Edit Level to All for Configurations:

5. Then click the Save icon



Lifecycle Insights Configuration


Estimated time: <5 minutes="minutes"></5>

  1. Log into Lifecycle Insights at: .
  2. Once logged in, notice the Left Navigation pane has an Integrations Option under Administration. Click on Integrations, and your main content pane will show a list of integration tiles.  Choose Warranty Lookups.





3. The Write backs for Purchase and Warranty Expiration Date will only write back data if LCI has different dates than ConnectWise Manage.  Those dates would be different based on the Vendor Lookups you enable, as well as the Display Criteria you select.  Please select these options per your business requirements.


4. Select whether or not you want to write back Purchase Date, Warranty Expiration date, or both.  To reiterate, Lifecycle Insights will only write back dates that are different from ConnectWise Manage.

     5. Select whether or not you want to write back Warranty Lookup information written back for ANY vendor.


IMPORTANT: If you enable write back in Lifecycle Insights, we would ask you to consider turning off any other integrations that might be writing back this data to ConnectWise Manage.  If not, you could get into a loop where Lifecycle Insights updates information, then it gets reverted as another integration comes in and reverts it in ConnectWise Manage.  Then the next night, the process would run all over again.


Lifecycle Insights will log every write back.  We show the last 500 updates in the 'Write Back Log' tab.