Syncro Tickets - API Security Requirements

Lifecycle Insights allows you to import your tickets from Syncro.  This document assumes that you have already set up your Syncro integration and entered API Keys into LCI.   Considering this, the only thing this article covers are the requirements for LCI to access Tickets in Syncro.  If you want to review the full set up for Syncro, please click this Sync your Syncro to Lifecycle Insights.  



Syncro Manage Requirements

In the top Nav bar, click More, then click Admin.  Next, in the left Nav pane, scroll to the bottom and click on API Tokens.  Find the API token you created for Lifecycle Insights and click the Edit button.



Next, click Show All Permissions and then scroll/find and check the following permissions:


  • Tickets - List/Search
  • Tickets - Create
  • Tickets - Edit
  • Ticket Comments - New





Scroll to the bottom and click Update API Token.