Supplement IT Glue with Halo

If you have decided to set your primary integration for Lifecycle Insights with IT Glue, you may choose to supplement your IT Glue data with Tickets from Halo.  The following document walks you through how to do that.

Halo Configuration


Estimated Time: <5 minutes="minutes"></5>

Lifecycle Insights needs a information regarding the API key from Halo.   The following outlines the steps to obtain these data points.    Please either open a separate browser tab to allow for copy or pasting, or copy and paste the values to your favorite text editor before continuing to Lifecycle Insights Configuration.


1. Log into Halo PSA and enter the Administration Panel

2. In the Administration Panel, under Advanced - click on Integrations

3.  Click on HaloPSA API

4.  Click on View Applications


5. Click on New in the upper right hand corner

6.  In the Add an Application page, enter the following

  • Application Name:  Lifecycle Insights (or similar)
  • Ensure Active is checked
  • Authentication Method - Client ID and Secret
  • Login Type- Agent
  • Agent to log in as... - Choose an agent with rights to Assets, Customers, Contracts, Projects and Tickets


IMPORTANT -  At this point, you will be shown a Client ID and Client Secret.  Copy these values as you will need these to enter into LCI.

Click Save

7.  When you click Save, you will be prompted that there are no permissions set for the application.  So next will we establish the permissions.  Click on the Permissions tab.


8. Click on Edit on the top toolbar.  Once you do that, you can select the required permissions.  Please select the following:

  • read: tickets
  • edit: tickets
  • read: customers
  • read: contracts *

* denotes that LCI will require these permissions for future use.  Will not be used right away.

9.  Click Save.

10. On the breadcrumb trail at the top, click on HaloPSA API.

11. Under API Details, you will need the following information when inputting data into LCI. Please copy this information or have it readily available for the next step.

  • Resource Server
  • Authorisation Server
  • Tenant


So to recap, you have now configured an API Application in Halo PSA to establish a data integration with LCI.   Additionally, you have captured the following information that needs to be input into LCI:

  1. Client ID (Step 6)
  2. Client Secret (Step 6)
  3. Resource Server (Step 11)
  4. Authorization Server (Step 11)
  5. Tenant (Step 11)


You are ready to configure LCI!



Lifecycle Insights Configuration


Estimated time: <5 minutes="minutes"></5>

There are two data points you will need in order to configure Syncro with Lifecycle Insights.

  • Client ID 
  • Client Secret 
  • Resource Server 
  • Authorization Server
  • Tenant


1.  Log into Lifecycle Insights using the username and password you created in the previous section.  The login URL is:


2.  Once logged in, notice the Left Navigation pane has an Integrations Option under Administration. Click on Integrations.   Next, look for the section labeled PSA Integration - Configure your PSA to integrate with LCI Contracts and/or Tickets.  Click on Halo



3. Next, please fill in the form

  1. Check Pull Tickets from Halo
  2. Enter the required values exactly as you copied them earlier.



4. Click Test Settings.  You should see a message 'Connection Successful.'  If you do not, please email us.

5. Click Save Settings.  


6.  Click on the tab called Link Companies to IT GLUE



On this tab, you must match any of your active companies from IT Glue to companies from Syncro.  It is this company matching that allows LCI to understand how tickets from Syncro are associated with companies from IT Glue.


Alternatively, you can use the Auto-Mapping feature to match your companies.

To use the auto-mapping feature, click the map companies button.

The system will try to match any exact or near exact matching company names and match those accordingly.  




When the auto-mapping is complete the companies that were matched are highlighted as green rows in the table.


The system attempts to find the most exact match for each company.  Some companies with slight name differences may not auto-map.  Please review the mapping to ensure that all desired companies are matched.   A counter of auto-matched companies is provided at the top of the table listing.


Non-exact matches may not map with the auto-mapping feature.  For example if the LCI company is listed as My Company, LLC, but the company is registered in the MS database as My Company may not auto-match.  Review your matches, you can use the drop-down selector to match the companies


Click the Save Automap button at the top of the table to save your selections.