Writing back Purchase and Warranty Expiration Date to IT Glue

If you have selected to write back Purchase and / or Warranty Expiration Date to IT Glue, and you see that most/all of your assets are failing in the log - this is likely the reason.


IT Glue does not allow LCI (or any vendor that is not the source) to update asset fields if the asset is being externally sync'd (IE.  From an RMM) and two-sync is not enabled.


Here is how you can fix:


In IT Glue...


  1. Navigate to Account - "Integrations" in the left sidebar
  2. Find <> - "Actions" dropdown - "Sync Settings<></></>
  3. "Two-Way Sync Settings" tab - "Enable two-way sync" - Save


That's it.  Once you perform this step... the next time LCI attempts to write back the purchase date and/or warranty expiration date... the process should work.