Halo PSA

Setting up Lifecycle Insights for Halo Data Integration


Total Estimated time: Less than 10 minutes

The purpose of this document is to instruct you how to configure both Halo and Lifecycle Insights so that data integration can occur between the two platforms.  At this point, data only moves from Halo to Lifecycle Insights.

This document is broken down into two sections.

  • Halo Configuration
    • You will set up your Halo integration with Lifecycle Insights - permissions, api key information, etc.
  • Lifecycle Insights Configuration
    • You will enter the API attributes into the Halo Configuration panel in Lifecycle Insights

Halo Configuration


Estimated Time: <5 minutes="minutes"></5>

You will first need to configure an integration for LCI within Halo PSA.   The following outlines the steps to set up the integration.  When complete, you will have a number of attributes associated with the configuration that will then be needed to input into LCI (next step).   In order to proceed, you must have Administrative access to Halo PSA.

1. Log into Halo PSA and enter the Administration Panel

2. In the Administration Panel, under Advanced - click on Integrations

3.  Click on HaloPSA API

4.  Click on View Applications


5. Click on New in the upper right hand corner

6.  In the Add an Application page, enter the following

  • Application Name:  Lifecycle Insights (or similar)
  • Ensure Active is checked
  • Authentication Method - Client ID and Secret
  • Login Type- Agent
  • Agent to log in as... - Choose an agent with rights to Assets, Customers, Contracts, Projects and Tickets


IMPORTANT -  At this point, you will be shown a Client ID and Client Secret.  Copy these values as you will need these to enter into LCI.

Click Save

7.  When you click Save, you will be prompted that there are no permissions set for the application.  So next will we establish the permissions.  Click on the Permissions tab.


8. Click on Edit on the top tool bar.  Once you do that, you can select the required permissions.  Please select the following:

  • read: tickets
  • edit: tickets
  • read: customers
  • read: contracts *
  • read: projects *
  • edit: projects *
  • read: assets 
  • edit: assets

* denotes that LCI will require these permissions for future use.  Will not be used right away.

9.  Click Save.

10. On the breadcrumb trail at the top, click on HaloPSA API.

11. Under API Details, you will need the following information when inputting data into LCI. Please copy this information or have it readily available for the next step.

  • Resource Server
  • Authorisation Server
  • Tenant


So to recap, you have now configured an API Application in Halo PSA to establish a data integration with LCI.   Additionally, you have captured the following information that needs to be input into LCI:

  1. Client ID (Step 6)
  2. Client Secret (Step 6)
  3. Resource Server (Step 11)
  4. Authorization Server (Step 11)
  5. Tenant (Step 11)


You are ready to configure LCI!


Lifecycle Insights Configuration


Estimated time: <5 minutes="minutes"></5>

There are five data points you will need in order to configure Halo with Lifecycle Insights.

  • Client ID 
  • Client Secret 
  • Resource Server 
  • Authorization Server
  • Tenant


  1. Log into Lifecycle Insights.  The login URL is: https://master.lifecycleinsights.io/signIn .
  2. Once logged in, notice the Left Navigation pane has an Integrations Option under Administration. Click on Integrations, and your main content pane will show the list of available integration sources.  Choose Halo.



3. Next, please fill in the form

  1. Check Halo Integration Active 
  2. Enter the Resource Server exactly as you recorded it earlier
  3. Enter the Authorization Server exactly as you recorded it earlier
  4. Enter the Tenant Name exactly as you recorded it earlier
  5. Enter the Client ID exactly as you recorded it earlier
  6. Enter/paste the Secret Key exactly as you recorded it earlier



4. Click Test Settings.  You should see a message 'Connection Successful.'  If you do not, please contact us.

5. Click Save Settings.  If this is the first time you are saving your credentials, and the Halo Integration Active box is checked… LCI will immediately launch into the initial sync process.


Note:  Once the Halo configuration is set up, it can take up to 1 hour for the initial data sync.  This delay only occurs on the initial sync.  You should receive an email once the initial sync is complete.