Warranty Lookups

Details on how Lifecycle Insights performs warranty lookups.

Once you have completed your integration, there is often missing data. Lifecycle Insights currently supports warranty lookups for the following vendors:

  • Dell
  • Lenovo
  • HP*
  • Microsoft Surface*


*HP and Microsoft Surface warranty lookups will run within 24 hours of scheduled lookup.  


Head to the Warranty Lookups tile under Integrations to confirm/edit your settings.






Make sure you have checked all of the vendor lookups you want to enable.

Choose how often you want to check assets with expired or expiring warranties and for those in good standing.

NOTE: You can find the next lookup date for any asset by clicking into the asset in the asset list. You can also override the next lookup date there.

Details about the Warranty are available by click on the icon.

If there are discrepancies in warranty data between your PSA and the warranty lookup, decide which date you would like to display. Similarly decide how to write-back the data to ConnectWise Manage/Autotask or IT Glue if you have activated that option. NOTE: Syncro does not support writeback at this time.

Be sure to choose "Save Settings" if you have made any changes.