Data Sync Manager


Syncing data from various sources is a foundational component of Lifecycle Insights.  In order to provide you with a quick an easy view to when we perform data integrations, and if they were successful or not, we have developed Data Sync Manager.  Data Sync Manager is intended to be a one-stop shop and quick way to:


  • Perform On-demand data syncs
  • Determine what time your once a day build runs
  • View jobs that are currently running
  • View jobs that are currently queued/waiting to be processed
  • View jobs that failed in last 24 hours
  • View jobs that succeeded in the last 24 hours


How to Access

Data Sync Manager will be available (if you are granted access) in the top right hand corner of the LCI platform.  To access click on the double arrows and a side bar will expand.





Sync On Demand - Click on the green downward chevron to open up the list of jobs that are available for your site.

** Note: Sync On Demand is only available for subscription levels of Professional Edition or higher.  It is also available during any trial period.



Once the Sync On Demand is expanded, you will see your jobs.  Click Sync Now to run the job that will refresh the data you are looking for.  Note:  We ask that you use this function judiciously when you need it... and to not just fire off jobs for the heck of firing off jobs :)


NOTE:  HP and Microsoft Surface syncs are not yet available in Data Sync Manager.  For HP, we are waiting for them to finally release their next gen API.  Microsoft Surface lookups will be integrated when time allows.  Note that syncs for both vendors do run once every 24 hours. If you need manual sync, please contact support.



View/Modify Build Times - We will attempt to sync your data once a day during a 1-hour build window.  Wondering when that is, or want to change that?  Click on View/Modify Build Time.



View Status of Jobs - View jobs that are running, queued/waiting to be processed, and jobs that failed and were successful.




Controlling Access to Data Sync Manager

Data Sync Manager access is determined by the Security Group of the user.  By default, the Data Sync Manager is only turned on for the system Security Group - Tenant Admin (LCI). You may turn it on or off for any tenant-owned security group by editing the Security Group.


In the left pane, click on Account Settings, and then click on the Security Groups tile.  From there, you can click on the link to the security group you want to edit (turn on or off).  And check/uncheck the Data Sync Mgr checkbox