Microsoft 365 Configuration Change

On August 30th, 2021 Microsoft introduced a subtle change to their default settings related to privacy.  Specifically, they have introduced a setting by default that will de-identify user data in their Usage Reports.   Meaning, instead of sending legitimate emails and names, they are sending a random string of data.


** This change not only impacted LCI but also impacts all vendors that use the Reports API, as well as the Microsoft Usage reports themselves in the MS365 Admin Center.


At LCI, we issue API calls that use the same endpoints as Microsoft's Usage Reports do.  This means that by default, the users we pull from Microsoft are showing as the de-identified data in the User List (as opposed to their email address and name).


Microsoft has published an article regarding this topic.  To have real user information come across to LCI, you will need to review this article and make the setting change to ensure that identifiable data can be shown.


This setting change is at the tenant/customer level.  So it will need to be made for each tenant/customer you want us to pull Microsoft information for.


**** For those users that are proficient at Powershell, there are articles that discuss how to update this setting programmatically.   One such article is from Kelvin @ Cyberdrain (super smart guy).  This is not an LCI resource, so please decide to use/not use it at your own discretion.  Here is the link.



It has come to out attention that the instructions included in the post (referenced above) from Microsoft may not be accurate for all Microsoft partners.  Specifically, to change this setting you might need to:


1.  Go to MS 365 Admin Center for each tenant

2.  Click on Settings Org Settings

3.  Click on Reports

4.  Uncheck 'In all reports, display de-identified names for users, groups and sites'


Please note that Microsoft changes the interface frequently. Screenshots may reflect different versions.