Security Awareness Data: KnowBe4 (Early Adopter)

KnowBe4 Integration is Currently in Early Adopter Mode

If you want the ability to communicate Security Awareness Training results/status in your Business Review Meeting, LCI now offers the ability to include KnowBe4 data in a couple of different reports in our platform.

Specifically, you can view KnowBe4 data in:

The User List

And you can also view the data in the More Reports >> KnowBe4 Report Tile

Lastly, we have added a new component in Report Builder that allows you to bring in your KnowBe4 data. 

How to Enable the KnowBe4 Integration within LCI 

1.  You will need to generate your API Key/s in KnowBe4.   Note that API keys are specific to an Account and you will have to generate a key per account.

To generate an API key in KnowBe4

Note: Per KnowBe4's documentation, to enable the API you must have a Platinum or Diamond subscription.

  • Log into KnowBe4 and navigate to the Account Settings  by selecting your account from the top right of the page
  • In the Account Settings page, find the API section
  • Ensure Enable Reporting API Access is checked
  • Copy your API token

You will also need to know your instance URL.   It will either be US or EU based.

2.  Once you have generated your API Key/s, let's get them entered into LCI.

  • Log into LCI
  • Go to Administration > Integrations
  • Click the KnowBe4 Tile
  • Enter the API Key and Specify the URL for the customers/Accounts you like
  • Data will be autosaved as long as you select a URL and enter an API key

After your API Key/s are entered... data will sync after your next nightly sync.