Using Lifecycle Insights with TimeZest & ConnectWise

What you need:  

- ConnectWise Manage, integrated into Lifecycle Insights with permissions to create a ticket from LCI.  

- A unique combination of service board, ticket type and ticket sub-type for QBR tickets.   

- TimeZest integrated into ConnectWise Manage  

- Workflow rule: You can see a basic walkthrough of the process here: 


1. From, drill into the client meeting you want to schedule. 

2. Top Lefthand corner, "Create PSA Ticket". 

3. Select the Service Board, Ticket Status, Type, and Subtype associated with your scheduling workflow rule and add any desired details to the ticket. 

4. The ticket is now created in the ticket and the workflow rule should fire to send the schedule link to your client.   

** Many of the details around setting up CW & TZ are unique to your individual configurations of those products.  

Questions about configuration of CW workflow rules or TZ configuration should be addressed with support for those specific applications.

YouTube video