SimpleSat Integration

Integrate your Simplesat CSAT data with LCI to deliver more a dynamic QBRs to your client.  Show the level of excellent service you are delivering to your clients based on their own feedback.


In order to complete the integration, you will need to have the correct account administrator permissions within Simplesat.  


Simplesat Setup Instructions - Est time 5 minutes.

  1. From the Simplesat home page, click the Settings icon located in the lower-left corner of the page. 
  2. Select Account Settings from the Admin menu.  In the right pane, click to expand your account key.
  3. Copy the account key to your clipboard or make a note.  You will need this key when configuring the Lifecycle Insights integration.




Lifecycle Insights Setup Instructions - Est. time 5 minutes.

From the Navigation menu, select Integrations. Next, select the Simplsat tile from the Suplemental Data area of the Integrations menu.  




Select you Simplesat URL from the drop-down menu, then enter your Simplesat Client Secret as created above in step 3.

Click the Integration Active checkbox, then click the Save Settings button at the bottom of the window. 



Once your settings are saved, click the Sync Now button to initiate the initial data sync. 


Once you have the initial sync, Lifecycle Insights will pull the company data from Simplesat in order for you to match the Simplesat company data to the companies you have configured in Lifecycle Insights. 

You can select the Lifecycle Insights company with each Simplesat company listed in the table, by selecting the LCI company from the drop-down selector.  You can click the Refresh Companies button to pull an updated company listing from Simplesat.


Alternatively, you can click the AutoMap Companies button and the system will attempt to match the companies in the Crewhu table with the LCI companies automatically. 


You will also want to ensure that the Integration Enabled check box is selected for any companies you wish to see Crewhu data for. 



When you have completed the company match process for your tenant companies, you will need to click back to the API Credentials page and click the Sync Now button.  This will begin the process of pulling in your Simplesat data for your matched tenant companies. 


The Log page provides information on the most recent syncs.