Contact Type Exclusions

There are times when you will want to ignore specific contact types when looking at users/contacts within Lifecycle Insights.  Let's take the following example.  You want to generate a User List report for one of your customers.  However, your PSA or IT Glue has a bunch of contacts associated with that customer that are employees of your MSP.   And... when producing a User List, you don't want to show your own contacts.

Up until now, you would have to go into the User List and 'hide' the users you didn't want to see.  But starting immediately, we have given you another alternative...

Now Lifecycle Insights provides you with the ability to exclude certain contact types (as defined in your PSA) from reporting.  Here's how you would do it.

Go to...

- Administration -> Integrations and select your PSA (ConnectWise Manage, Autotask, Syncro) or IT Glue tile.

- Click on the Contact Type Exclusions tab.

Once in this tab, you will see a unique list of Contact Types by source (sources will include your PSA and any imported contacts via Data Manager; if applicable).   To exclude one or more contact types... find what you want to exclude and click the checkbox in the Excluded? column.  Finally click Save Contact Type Exclusions at the bottom of the page.   

Any changes you make are immediate, and any subsequent records with your excluded contact types that are loaded after you save your changes will also be hidden in LCI.

settings with exclusions