Managing the User List

The User List is designed to give you quick insights into:

- Active user accounts

- Licenses

- Unused accounts


Depending on your integrations, you could pull data from:

- Your PSA (see specific PSA articles if you have not already set up this integration)
- MS 365

- Liongard (this allows for GSuite users, Azure AD, and KnowBe4 data)

- Breach Secure Now

- KnowBe4


Alternatively, you may import users via a CSV file as demonstrated in this article: Import users in CSV file


data integrations page


To set up those integrations, see the specific articles linked above.


Once your integration is active, click on User List in the left-hand navigation pane.

user list menu


You will now see columns based on which companies/integrations have data (ie. you will NOT see the GSuite/AD/KnowBe4 columns if you do not have the Liongard integration)


With Liongard integration


With BSN Integration


With KnowBe4 Integration


You can select the blue gear icon in order to manage columns. This will allow you to customize the view of your report.

manage columns link


When you select "Manage Columns", you will see the list of columns available for that client. You can uncheck columns you don't want to display. You can also use the handles on the right side of the column to drag the elements into a different order for displaying.

Be sure to save to update your view. This will now be the view for printing as well.


Editing the User List


You can edit the user list by either selecting the edit user icon for a single user.




To bulk edit users select the checkboxes next each username and select the from one of the available actions from the drop-down bulk edit menu.


Note: Deleted users may in some instances re-sync with your PSA and show as active users unless deleted or deactivated from your PSA as well.


User List Reporting


You can export the user list to a .CSV file, .PDF file, or .Docx (MS Word) file.  


Locate the report icon in the upper right corner of the User List.  Click the icon to show the available options. 



Select the option you want to export.  CSV files will immediately download to your PC.  Selecting the MS Word or PDF option will bring up the report menu.   From the report menu, you can select the file option you want to export.  You can also choose to include a company logo for your report by selecting one from the list or droping a new logo file into the available drop zone. 



Click Download or Download and Save to Locker to begin the export.  


The system will generate the report in the background.  A banner will be displayed at the top of your window while the report is generating.   You can click the dismiss button to exit the message banner.  You can also navigate to other areas of the application without affecting your file download


When your download is completed, you will see the message banner below.  At this point your file is available, you can click the dismiss button on the message banner to close