Designating Users as External Users

In the LCI Platform, there a couple of places where we display the users of your MSP.  Specifically, we display Our Contacts in Recommendations and Our Attendees in the Business Reviews.  Both of these list contacts that are found in User Manager (or in other words - contacts that can log into LCI).

The issue could be if you have granted your clients access to LCI.  In that case, we would end up showing a customer contact under Our Contacts or Our Attendees.

The purpose of this document is to show you how to designate a User as External, so they don't show in these lists.

First, let's review again where we populate lists that show the users in User Manager.

Our Contacts in Recommendations:

Our Attendees in Business Reviews (Note the same dialog below shows in Business Review Settings)

Ok, now let's again review how the users are populated in the lists above.  Specifically, any user that is in the User Manager page (Administration > Account Settings > User Manager) will show up in the list, as long as the user is not marked as External.

In User Manager, none of the users are marked as External, so both users will show up as MSP contacts in Recommendations and Business Reviews.

If you want to mark the user as External, peform these steps:

1.  Click on the link for the user under the Full Name column.

2.  Check the External checkbox

3.  Click Update User

That's it.  Now that the user is marked as External, that user will no longer show up under Our Contacts in Recommendations, nor will the user show up in Our Attendees in Business Reviews.

One additional note with External Users.  The Help widget in the bottom right corner of the LCI platform will not display for External users.