How do upgrade my subscription

We are so glad you are enjoying Lifecycle Insights! Here are the steps to upgrading your plan:

1) Click on the Account Settings Tab in the left hand navigation bar, then select the Subscription tile.

account settings


2) Locate the Upgrade Options section of the page.  Click the drop-down menu to select an Upgrade option. 

3) The Update button will change to a Blue background when a valid update is selected.  Click the update button.


5) Next Confirm your selection when you see the pop-up confirmation window by clicking the OK button.


6) You can update Add-on items to your subscription by referencing the available Add-on Options section of the Subscription page by clicking the corresponding Update button to select the Add-On.

7) You can apply a coupon code, update your payment method (optional), change your invoice delivery options, and view previous invoices from the Account Details section.