Tag Manager

Manage Assessments, Recommendations, and Stack Alignment tags with Tag Manager. 

For vCIO Module: Tags for Assessments can be created on the fly as you build an assessment template or inside an event. 

NOTE: Assessment tags created in an event will impact any template containing that particular item as tags are strictly associated to the item.

Recommendation tags can also be created on the fly as your build your recommendations. 

MSPs use tags in assessments to delineate a role that is associated to answering the questions, differentiating between an item that would be deemed the MSPs responsibility vs the customers, or to level/prioritize risk items. 

For CS Module: Stack alignment tags are used to define categories for service offerings such as standard and premium security or ancillary services.  Tags can be applied to both the Customer Profile for each tenant company and Stack Items for easier stack assignments and referencing. 

From the vCIO menu, navigate to Account Settings >> Manage Tags

Use the drop-down selector to choose the set of tags you wish to edit, Assessment Tags, Recommendation Tags, or Customer Success Tags.

If you are not a Customer Success subscriber, the drop-down menu will not show CS Tags ass an option.

Use the provided search bar to find tags quickly and easily

To edit a tag, click the edit icon to the left of the tag 

Rename the tag or select a new color using the sliders or plotter. 

To add a tag, click the '+' icon located on the right side of the menu bar.

The tag list will also show a number of times used column in the tag listing indicating how many items this tag is associated with.  You cannot delete a tag that is in use.   The tag must be removed from all assessment or stack items before deleting.

If a tag is not in use the 'trash' icon will show in this column

click the icon to delete the tag, then click OK in the confirmation box.

Use the Back arrow on the top menu bar to navigate back to the Account Settings main menu..