Headlines Feature

Lifecycle Insights has added a Headlines Feature to the vCIO dashboard.  This feature was developed to give you an at-a-glance view of current and upcoming events surrounding your clients and their data quality, as well as keep you aware and ahead of important dates and data cycles that will require your attention. 

Accessing the Headlines Dashboard

The Headlines Dashboard can be accessed using the Headlines icon found in the upper right corner of the dashboard.   If there are new items on the Headlines Dashboard the icon will also show a green notification highlighting the number of new items on the Headlines Dashboard since it was last viewed.   Hovering over the number will show a summary of the new items on the Headlines. 

The Headlines Tile will appear on the right side of the dashboard.  The contents of the dashboard are specific to the company that is selected in the company selection list. 

Headline Items

The Headlines tile will show several item categories depending on your company datasets. 

Contracts Headlines

The Contracts section will show contracts that are at end of term or are nearing end of term.  

Contracts nearing expiration are shown based on notification dates configured in the contract.

The contracts will be listed showing the notification date and expiration date.

Clicking the linked contract name will open the contract for review.

Clicking the contract name will open the contract for review.

Business Reviews Headlines

The Business Reviews section will show you the quick details for last, overdue, and upcoming scheduled meetings and business reviews. 

Click on the linked dates to open the Meeting Details window.

Latest Assessment Headlines

The latest assessment headlines gives you detail on the most recent assessment event run for your clients.  

This includes a scoring summary, assessment type, and completion status details. 

Click the highlighted assessment link to open a quick view of the assessment in Form view.

Scoring and editing features for the assessment are only available from the Assessment menu.

End of Life Assets Headlines

The EOL assets headline shows you how many assets are past End of Life that have not been linked to a recommendation for your client.   Assets not linked to a recommendation can be missed in the budget if the overdue section is not selected as an option.  Recommendations for EOL assets allow you to specify a target date for replacement on the budget forecast. 

Click the highlighted link to open a drill through to view the expired assets. 

You can also create a recommendation directly from the drill through by selecting the checkboxes for the displayed assets, and using the bulk update feature to create a recommendation.