Importing Agreements from ConnectWise Manage (IT Glue)

Lifecycle Insights allows you to import your agreements from ConnectWise Manage as Contracts in LCI.  You can do this if your primary integration is with either ConnectWise Manage or ITGlue.

This particular article outlines how to import Agreements when you have set up ITGlue as your primary integration. 

ConnectWise Manage Configuration

There is a simple set up in ConnectWise to allow for data to be pulled into Lifecycle Insights.  The following steps will walk you through this process.  The key events that will take place are:

  • Create a Security Role with limited, read only access
  • Create an API member that is assigned to the preceding Security Role
  • Collect 4 data points that will later be used to set up the integration in Lifecycle Insights.   We strongly suggest you open up your favorite text editor (IE. notepad or similar); and copy/paste the data points into that editor as we move along the process.

In order for us to pull Agreements from CW Manage, we will need to set up API credentials for LCI to use so we can pull the Agreement information over.  If you have previously set up API credentials in CW Manage for LCI, then please jump down to the section that covers security module access (steps 7,8 and 9) to ensure the appropriate privileges are set.

1.  Go to your ConnectWise Manage login page.  Before logging in, we will capture 2 of the 4 data points we need.   Specifically, your ConnectWise Base URL, and ConnectWise Company Identifier.


2.  Please copy and paste the Base URL and Company Identifier values to your text editor.

3.  Click Login

4.  In the Left Nav Pane, click System, then click Security Roles as shown below.


5.  Click on the + sign to Add a new Security Role


6.  Enter a Role ID (1) and click Save (2) icon.


7.  Expand Companies

a. Ensure/set Inquire Level to All for Company Maintenance

8.  Expand Finance

a. Ensure/set Inquire Level to All for Agreements

9.  Click the Save icon at the top

10.  Now, we will add the API Member.  Click on System (1), then Members (2) as shown below.


11.  Click on the API Members tab.


12.  Click the + sign to add a new member

13.  Enter required fields

  1. Member ID: lci_api (or similar)
  2. Member Name: LCI API (or similar)
  3. Role ID: Pick the Role ID (Lifecycle API or similar) you created in previous step
  4. Accept defaults or specify values for the rest of the fields
  5. Click the Save Icon


14.  Click on API Keys tab.


15.  Click + sign to add new key

16.  Enter Description, and click Save Icon



17.  Copy and paste the Public Key and Private Key values to your text editor. 


Lifecycle Insights Configuration

Earlier, when configuring ConnectWise, you wrote down/stored 4 data points.  Specifically:

  • Company Identifier
  • Base URL
  • API Public Key
  • API Private Key

We will need to have access those 4 data points to set up the ConnectWise Data Integration in Lifecycle Insights.


1.  Log into Lifecycle Insights using the username and password you created in the previous section.  The login URL is: .

2.  Once logged in, notice the Left Navigation pane has an Integrations Option under Administration. Click on Integrations.   Next, look for the section labeled PSA Integration - Configure your PSA to integrate with LCI Contracts.

data integrations menu connectwise selected

3.  Click on ConnectWise Manage

4.  Next, fill in the form

  1. Check Pull Agreements from ConnectWise Manage
  2. Enter/paste the Company Identifier exactly as you recorded it earlier
  3. Enter/paste the API Base URL exactly as you recorded it earlier
  4. Enter/paste the API Public Key exactly as you recorded it earlier
  5. Enter/paste the API Private Key exactly as you recorded it earlier

5. Click Test Settings.  You should see a message 'Connection Successful.'  If you do not, please email us.

6. Click Save Settings

At this point you are done with the CW Manage Configuration Setup.  The rest of the article discusses how you actually import the Agreements from Manage into LCI

Importing Agreements when ITGlue is your Primary Integration Source

To import Agreements, you must be on the Contracts Page.   When you are there, you will initiate the import by clicking on the Import from CW Manage button as shown below.

If this is the first time you are importing data from ConnectWise Manage into LCI, we must first map the Company record from ITGlue to the Company record from ConnectWise Manage.   You will only receive this mapping screen once per company.

Once the company mapping is complete, you will be presented with a list of Agreements for the selected company you are working with.   By default only the Agreements show.  If you would like to look at the individual Additions that are under that Agreement, you can click the checkbox labeled Show Additions under Agreement.

At this point, you can now decide to Import at any level (Agreement or Addition).  To import the agreement or addition, click on the Import icon next to the line item as show below.

Once you click the Import icon, LCI will go out and grab the Agreement or Addition and load it as a contract in LCI.

Note that if ITGlue is your primary integration source in LCI, we cannot pull any associated assets/configurations as defined in CW Manage.  So linking assets to the Contract will need to be done in LCI.

Imported Agreements will be designated with ** in the Contracts List.

Additionally, imported contracts will have certain fields that are not editable.  Those fields are controlled by the sync process with CW Manage.  Or another way to say this is that if you want to update the following fields in LCI - that update must happen in CW Manage, or you should copy the imported Contract to an LCI Contract (in which case you can update every field).

CW Agreements will be sync'd to LCI during your nightly build process.   If you wish to sync on demand, you can click the Initiate Contracts PSA Sync Now! button.