Create a Contract

Contracts can be built manually in order to define recurring costs that can be used in budget forecasting.
Examples would be:

• MSP services

• Phone service

• Server maintenance cost

• HaaS costs

Many MSPs include additional IT expenses that their clients currently purchase outside of the MSP, but including it here shows strategic partnership in IT planning and it gives the MSP insight into when contracts expire and a client might be open for an upsell opportunity to go deeper into the MSP stack.

Follow these steps to enter a contract:

1. Choose contracts in the left hand navigation panel

2. Hit the Add new Contract button

contracts page with add new button highlighted

Note: If you want to learn about Importing Contracts from your PSA, click here.

3. Enter the fields

4. Be sure to make decisions around Reporting and Alerts. If you are hoping to make an upsell to a client on an existing contract, you will want to set the alerts to "Notice Date" so that you have time to make a pitch before they would have to notify the other vendor.

Note:  At this time, alerts will highlight the contract in the Contracts List page when the criteria is met.   LCI plans to introduce proactive alerting via push notifications and/or email in a future release.

reporting warningalerts warning

5) Be sure to click save (or save and new if you are starting another).