Importing Contracts from Autotask (Primary Integration -> Autotask)

Lifecycle Insights allows you to import your contracts from Autotask.  You can do this if your primary integration is with either Autotask or ITGlue.


This particular article outlines how to import Contracts when you have set up Autotask  as your primary integration.  If you have set up ITGlue as your primary integration in LCI, please refer to this article.


Autotask Requirements

In order for us to pull Contracts from Autotask, the security role set up for the API user must have the appropriate access.  If you are using the default API User (system) security level - no changes should be required as that has full permissions.  

If you set up a custom security level for LCI you will need to confirm that the API user has the appropriate access.  To do that, determine the security role associated to the API user being used for LCI.


Steps to confirm Custom security level has appropriate access to pull Contracts:

  1. Go to Autotask Admin page
  3. In the Security section, click on Security Levels
  4. Find the security level used for LCI, click on the pencil icon to edit that security level
  5. Hit the + sign to open up Contracts
    1. In the Object Permissions box, set View to All
    2. Under Contract Visibility, set dropdown to Full
  6. Click Save and Close



Importing Contracts when Autotask is your Primary Integration Source

To import Contracts, you must be on the Contracts Page.   When you are there, you will initiate the import by clicking on the Import from Autotask button as shown below.





Upon clicking on the Import Button, you will be presented with a list of Contracts for the selected company you are working with.   By default only the Contracts show.  If you would like to look at the individual Services that are under that Contract, you can click the checkbox labeled Show Services under Contract.



At this point, you can now decide to Import at any level (Contract or Service).  To import the contract or service, click on the Import icon next to the line item as show below.



Once you click the Import icon, LCI will go out and grab the Contract or Service and load it as a contract in LCI.


Note that if Autotask is your primary integration source in LCI, we will also pull any associated assets/configurations as defined in Autotask - this is applicable to the Contract Level Only.


Imported Contracts will be designated with ** in the Contracts List.



Additionally, imported contracts will have certain fields that are not editable.  Those fields are controlled by the sync process with Autotask.  Or another way to say this is that if you want to update the following fields in LCI - that update must happen in Autotask, or you should copy the imported Contract to an LCI Contract (in which case you can update every field).


Autotask will be sync'd to LCI during your nightly build process.   If you wish to sync on demand, you can click the Initiate Contracts PSA Sync Now! button.