Configure the Business Review Scheduler

The business review scheduler will allow you to auto populate the calendar schedule within Lifecycle Insights based on the cadence you choose for each client. You can select to auto-schedule meetings monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, annually or even as one-off meetings. 


The scheduler will also show any meetings or recurring meetings created in the Business Reviews section of LCI.

Click here for instructions on adding meetings with the Business Reviews module


To begin scheduling clients, select the Scheduler tab in the left hand navigation panel.

scheduler button


A list of your clients will be displayed. Click into the client's blue link.



You can use the filters, search bar, and check boxes provided at the top of the table to narrow the table results for easier viewing.   A date filter is also available for easy reference to specific time periods. 




You can also use the column manger to set the table view to your preferences. 



Click Schedule/Setting tab and select the frequency of the business review cycle for that client. Select a date to start and choose a primary contact. Click save.



Click Meetings tab and you will then see the full list of auto-scheduled dates for your client. At this point, you can go back to your scheduler and enter this information for each of your clients or you can click into the date of your first meeting a add details/notes.


meetings details


You can export the schduler table to a CSV file by clicking the 'export' icon located in the upper-right corner of the window and by selecting the Export to CSV option.