Budget Forecasts - Report Creation and Reporting Options

The automated budget forecast is built based on:

1) Assets which are past their EOL date - categorized by Asset Types

2) Contracts

3) Recommendation costs

4) Warranty renewal costs

Any of these can be included or excluded in the report options menu.

Creating a Budget Forecast

1) Select the budget forecast tab in the left-hand navigation panel:

budget forecast

You will see the budget with all of the expired assets, contracts and recommendations populate:

Expand any field to see the details:

2) Click on Reporting Options to change preferences    



Report Options Include the following:

    Include or Exclude Asset Warranty Renewal Costs in Budget  

    This checkbox will include or omit the warranty renewal costs from the report.

Categories section 

    Choose cost castegories to include in the report from the selectable list Use the CTRL key to highlight multiple           categories.  A Select All button is also available below.


Recommendation Statuses

    Selectable list of recommendation statuses to include in your report.  Use CTRL key to highlight multiple                     categories

Suppress Zero Rows 

    This checkbox will include or exclude rows with Zero value in your report

Show Overdue Section (checkbox)

    Selecting this checkbox will include a section in the report containing overdue asset items.  These are items that have already passed their end-of-life date.  Uncheck the box to exclude this section from your report

Show Recommendations Not Scheduled Section 

    Include or exclude un-scheduled recommendations in your report with this checkbox

Show Total Column on Spreadsheet Summary (checkbox)

    Adds a total column to the spreadsheet summary report

Reporting Period

Select the reporting period for your report - Monthly, Quarterly, or Yearly or Fiscal Year

Periods to Show

A drop-down list to select the number of periods to include in your report

Asset User Display

    Allows you to show either the Last User or Asset Contact in the details area for assets included in your report

    You also have the option to save the view settings for future reference. 

You can save these selections for future use.

Assign a name to your view and select the option default view checkbox, then save your view.

You can select the As Of date for the budget report by selecting a date in the provided date selector.  This will set the beginning period of the budget forecast.  The report will generate based on this starting date and the end date will to the reporting period set in the reporting options listed above (steps g and h)

Filter options are also available at the top of the screen for more granular reporting options

3) After you have made your selection, click the word doc download or download CSV icon in the upper right-hand corner to download. Note: all reports download to word for easy editing.

The Detail view will also allow for the folowing print options:

   a. Include Asset Detail in Download/Print: This will display the details of the assets that are included in the budget        as end-of-life or warranty expiration items.

   b. Include Comments Box in Download/Print: This option will add a column which will include any comments                 listed in the asset details for each asset.

Click Download or Download and Save to Locker to begin the export.  

The system will generate the report in the background.  A banner will be displayed at the top of your window while the report is generating.   You can click the dismiss button to exit the message banner.  You can also navigate to other areas of the application without affecting your file download

When your download is completed, you will see the message banner below.  At this point your file is available, you can click the dismiss button on the message banner to close


Below is a sample of a detail view report in Export to Word format:

The spreadsheet view gives you the high-level overview and a total column is also shown.

Sample of spreadsheet view report:

The Budget Board View

The Budget Board is a completely automated board that gives you a quick overview items within the budget forecast and where those items fall into the timeline of the budget forecast.  


The board view is arranged with columns to represent date ranges contained within the budget forecast based on the configuration settings.   

Each column representing a budget period will show items within the budget as tiles under each heading arranged as they are scheduled within the budget timeframes.  

Overdue and Not Scheduled colums are also available for recommendation items and already expired assets.   Each column heading also displays a budget total for costs for the timeframe.

Changes to the budget reporting options will reflect on the budget dashboard.  You can access the reporting options by clicking the gear icon at the top of the page.   

A quick glance magnifier is also available.  Hover over the icon to see a quick glance of the reporting options. 

You can also use the filters and as of date configuration setting for the budget board view.  

Budget categories are represented by the tiles on the budget board.  These can include asset items, contracts and subscriptions, as well as recommendations.  

Each tile is assigned to a timeframe based on the date settings of the contract, recommendation or end of life or warranty expiration date of assets. 

You can click on any tile to open a drill through menu that will show the contracts, recommendations or assets that apply to the selected tile. 

You can select and edit any of these items from the drill through windows by clicking the links to the items.  You will need to refresh the Budget Board page in order for some changes to update on the board view.