Assessment Analytics

To see Assessment Analytics from an assessment template across all clients, you can access the report by clicking assessments in the left hand navigation pane.

Next, Select the Analytics All Customers Tile from the menu board. 

In the Analytics window you will first need to select an Assessment Event from the drop-down menu.

The table will load the Assessment Event and all responses from your LCI companies and default to the Item Analysis table. 

Assessment items will be listed as vertical rows and company responses will be listed as horizontal columns. 

Use the Swap Rows and Columns button to switch the table view. 

You can use the table selector to view the available analytics reports. 

The Overall Performance table will show the selected companies overall score for the Assessment Event

The Category Performance table will show the individual category scores from the assessment event for all companies. 

You can use the available filters to select specific companies. 

You can also select specific assessment categories in the Category Performance table and specific assessment items in the Item Analysis table. 

Use the hide filters button to hide the filters when your selections are made. 

You can export the Item Analysis table to a .csv file for internal use.  Click the Export to CSV icon to create and download the file.

Here's a 1:30 minute video on Assessment Analytics: