How to Compare Assessment Analytics

Assessment analytics are your way of measuring efficiencies and profitability within your company.  Intra-Client and Cross-Client analytics can give insight into your stack alignment usage, new customer analysis, security and vulnerability auditing, and other objectives you have documented in your assessment. These analytics are available for any assessment type or template you develop to score across all clients.  


Assessment Analytics by Customer

To begin, navigate to Assessments

To view and compare analytics clock the Assessment Analytics By customer button



The application will default to the summary view.  

To change which assessments you are viewing, select the change button in the top right. Use Shift or control keys to multi-select assessments.  Click OK to save your settings




The report will show scoring summaries by template as well as category scoring summaries for each assessment event


To download the comparison report, use the button in the top right corner of the window


Select your reporting options and click the download button

You can also view Item Details and Risk Exposure.  Click the Item Detail/Exposure tab at the top of the report window.  The report window will display the responses categorized by response type

The report window will display the responses categorized by response type.

Use the checkboxes at the top of the report window to select the response types to view

 Hover over the information icon to the right of each item to show the source and history of the item response score

You can link assessment items to a recommendation using the Link To Recommendations tab at the top of the analytics report window

 A search tool is available to easily find items, as well as column swatching for the scoring type

Use the selection boxes to the left of each response to select the items to include in the recommendation.  Next, click the create recommendation from selected items

Assessment Analytics - All Customers

Assessment analytics for all customers will give you insights into effort and health of your client base.   

Compare an assessment event across all customers, in order to determine Level of effort, stack alignment.

You should have a template that is used for events across all clients for all client analytics.

To begin, navigate to Assessments

Click the Analytics All Customers tile

First, select a template from the drop-down menu. 

When you select a template the Item Analysis table will appear in the window. 

The table rows show the Assessment items and categories, while the columns show the companies that have a scored assessment from the selected template.  Item statuses for each company are shown in the table cells.  

This shows the status of each company side by side.  This will give you insights for communication planning, sales strategies, etc...  For example, if all clients are carrying an at risk or needs attention score for email encryption, and satisfactory scores for Switching devices, you may direct your communication campaign toward email encryption services rather than hardware services. 

Use the swap rows and columns button to rearrange the table to show companies down the rows and the assessment categories across the columns

You can export the Item Analysis table to a CSV file by clicking the Report Export icon in the upper-right corner of the application.

To view the overall performance table click the tab at the top of the window.

This window shows the assessment scores for all companies and all assessment events conducted using the selected template

Category Performance will show all scores for each company by category and includes all assessment events conducted using the selected templates

Click the category performance tab at the top of the page to view the report.