How to Build an Assessment Template

Lifecycle Insights offers clients a library of assessment templates to choose from. These templates can be used as is or edited/customized. If you would like to start with one of the assessment templates from our library. Choose Assessments in the left hand navigation and choose "Manage Assessment Templates"



From here scroll through the list of templates. You can review any of the templates by clicking on the blue underlined name of the template. If you want to "import" a template into your site for use and/or customization, click on the import icon in the right hand column.




Once the template has been imported, it will show in the template list at the top of the screen. You can now click into the assessment and edit items or add new items (see CREATE NEW ITEM section below)


Or if you want to start from scratch with a blank assessment template click: Add New


Enter the Title (required)and Description


Add a category by clicking the add category link. You can add one or more categories. Title each category (unique title names are required for each Category).





To create a new item for the category, click the Create Item Link shown, and select from either a Yes/No or Stoplight Item Template


The response will be displayed under the category heading.  You can edit responses, by simply clicking the response and typing your new response. 


To add scoring instructions or remediation instructions, click the properties icon to expand the item fields



Enter the scoring or remediation instructions in the provided text boxes.  You can insert hyperlinks to external articles, rich text formatting and images to both instruction boxes using the provided toolbars

Use the chevron to expand or collapse the item details

To delete an item click the delete icon for the item. 




Use the Add Response link to add another response to the item


Select a response type from the drop-down menu, then type in the desired response in the text box




To add a tag to a response, click the manage tags icon, then click manage tags



This will show any currently assigned tags in the tag manager window.  To add a tag, select an existing tag from the drop-down menu.  To create a new tag, type the name of the tag in the space provided and hit enter to create a new tag



You can use Tag Manager to manage your assessment tags.  Click here information how to use Tag Manager


Once you have added an item, you can add additional items using the icons shown:


To add a new item, click the new item and repeat the steps listed above


To and an existing item to the template, click the add existing item icon.



If you choose to add an existing item, you will get a search page of all of the items in your site. You can either click the select boxes to choose items or preview the items on the right before selecting and saving items to your template




Once you have items on the assessment, if you would like to rearrange them, click the layout view in the upper right-hand corner.

Then Click and drag the handles to the left of the item or category to move up or down in order.

Return to Form View to further edit items.

These icons are consistent for the category and items. The chevron will expand the category/icon. The paper will allow you to view/edit the properties including the description for the category. The x will allow you to




NOTE: you will see on the right hand side the note *In use if the category or item is in use. You will also get a warning if you go to delete an item, but you will be allowed to delete - removing it from all assessment events using that category/item



Once you have added all of the items for the template, be sure to click save. You can now use the template for an assessment event.


Here is a link to the full assessment video: