Assessments Overview

Assessments are a series of questions and answers that are used to assess your client’s current environment or risk positions.  Assessments are used to determine a recommended plan of action to achieve the desired level of risk, compliance, or performance.  This is done by setting determining factors for each question and answer presented in an assessment through a weight and scoring methodology.


Assessing clients' current configurations and policy models to determine the risk, exposure, or current status of equipment is a key component in determining level of effort, costs, and impact for your clients.  Assessments are your way of saying to your clients: this is where you are, this is what I am going to do for you, and ultimately, look at what we have done together to eliminate risk within your business.


Planning and Design


As you plan and design assessments there are several key factors that you need to consider.

Do you need satellite office assessments and main location?

Do you need specific questions for assessments based on frequency or assessment?

Do you need to mark required questions for compliance assessments?

Who is doing the assessment, acct manager vs engineers?

Account manager notes and comments.  Where to summarize and how to take action.


By addressing these questions early, you will be able to effectively use the tools within the platform to manage your clients, account managers, and resources while also delivering concise usable information within your QBRs.


Using Lifecycle Insights Assessment Module


Asking questions and recording answers is only the beginning.  Analyzing the data to create a usable business strategy.  Consumable reporting and delivery of uniform assessments at the correct cadence across all clients can be key for account servicing and staff development..  


There are several features and functions within the assessment module that will help you achieve these goals:

(bullet this list)

Create Assessment Templates -  Add templates that you can use throughout your entire client base. 

Assessment Event  - Create assessment events from your templates. Easy to use scoring with available scoring instructions and remediation instructions can make anyone an expert assessor.


Create PSA Tickets and Recommendations directly from the assessment event responses,  which can save you time, and create efficient resolution models.


Assessment Comparison Event - Show and track progress over time to show value


Assessment Reporting - Generate reports specific to your clients needs or meeting type


Assessment Analytics - compare scoring across clients or by a single client across multiple assessment events.  



Assessment templates


Templates are composed of three parts.  Items (Assessment questions and responses), Item Tags, and Categories.  Templates are designed for multiple clients and multiple assessment events.  



Categories are the placeholders for the item responses that are used to organize your assessments and reports. A minimum of one category required for the assessment template.





An Item is a single assessment question with accompanying responses that are scored by the level of the response.  A ‘satisfactory’ response is scored higher than an ‘at risk’ response.  (EVENT TYPES) vs (TAGS)  When do I need a new one?


Items can also include instructions for scoring that will guide the assessor to the appropriate response level.  Explanation/remediation instructions can be used to give you client an immediate solution or suggestion for an at risk or unsatisfactory response type.  

Public and private comments allow the assessor to elaborate responses to help create a suitable plan of action.  You can select from a yes/no response item or a ‘stoplight’ response item template with multiple responses.  





Item Tags

Item tags can be used to designate each assessment item into groups.  These groups can be used to filter items presented to a client during an assessment event.  You can create and customize tags for any need.   You can customize reports using tag filters as well. For example you may want to tag specific items for quarterly visits but have other questions tagged for monthly on-site technician site visits. 

Sample Templates

LCI provides several templates available for download that will give you insights.  

Navigate to Manage Assessment Templates and scroll down to the template list.  

If you have not created any templates, the list will appear at the top of the screen. 



Select the template you wish to import and click the Import icon to the right of the assessment listing in the table.


Once the template has been imported, it will show in the template list at the top of the screen.


Please use the below links for more information:

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