Asset Ad Hoc Report Builder

The Ad Hoc Report Builder will allow you to query assets across all of your active companies - giving you insights into stack alignment or any combination of data sets. You can even search a subset of clients if you want to focus the output on those with upcoming reviews. 

You can access the Ad Hoc report builder from the left hand navigation.

asset ad hoc menu

Configuring your report

Select the fields to display by checking or unchecking the boxes in the field list in the report configuration window.  

Use the Direction arrows to drag and drop to re-order columns.  

Click the filter icon to set filters for your report.  The filter criteria selector for each field will appear on the right side of the configuration screen.  You can select specific values using the is, is not, or contains selections.  You can also filter for any data present or no data present by using the is missing or is not missing selections.  You can set filters for multiple fields.

As you choose your filter criteria, you will note the number of asset results in the center of the screen. This allows you to quickly preview the number of results while saving time from downloading the report before you have filtered to your desired list.

asset ad hoc reporting selections

Once you have selected your fields, field order, and any filter criteria, you can click the Save Report Template button for easy retrieval later or click the Generate Report button.

The Report Window

Once the report is generated, the results will be displayed for your review.  Use the color swatches, or sort by field selectors to edit display data further.  

You can also batch edit asset data by using the selection boxes on the left of each asset listed in the report, or by using the select all button.  

Once you have selected a single or multiple assets, an Action Selection box will appear.  

Select the field you wish to edit for the selected assets.

An edit window will appear that will allow you to edit the field of all selected assets.  The edit window options for data entry will vary based on the field data requirements.  You may see a drop-down selector or a text box for entry.

Please note: Once you have edited fields within the report window, some assets may be removed from the report window depending on the filter criteria set and the fields that are edited. 

You can export report results to and CSV formatted file by clicking the export icon as shown below.