Assessments scoring and weighting

The assessment module of Lifecycle Insights reports on a points earned out of points possible framework. Points earned are calculated using the settings under Assessments>Configuration Options Tile.

Image of Configuration Options tile in Lifecycle Insights

The default settings are shown below but are customizable for your tenant (and are then set across all of your clients).

Image of value of each colored assessment score and points possible

If you would like to adjust the weight of a particular item OR an entire category (in the case of a critical component that you would like to highlight a larger risk for your clients), you can do this in Manage Assessment Templates. Click into the template and "Show Properties" and adjust the Weight score in either the category or item level.



Item weighting field

The weightings are then multiplied by the points earned and points possible to change the overall value. This is then converted to a percentage score out of 100.

So the overall score is the sum of [points earned (weight)]/sum of points possible(weight)]*100.