Release notes 04.20.01

Release notes 4.20.01


  1. Identify duplicate assets

  2. Add/modify asset types

  3. Modify columns in asset list

1. Feature: Identify duplicate assets

Problem it solves: When my assets sync, sometimes I get duplicate assets. 

How can I identify the duplicates?

If Lifecycle Insights finds duplicate assets in the nightly sync, you will see “Duplicate Assets

Found!” on the Asset List page. *We check for duplicates based on serial number.

How can I limit the list to duplicates?

To limit the asset list to duplicates, click on the dropdown to the right of the filter field. And choose show only duplicate non hidden assets.

How can I eliminate duplicates in reporting?

Click on the checkbox to the left of the duplicate, then from the “Choose an Action” dropdown, Select Update Hide in Reporting. Which will allow you to select Hide in Reporting and save.

NOTE: Removing the asset in your PSA will also remove the duplicate after the sync.

2. Feature: Add/modify asset types

Problem it solves: I want to customize by adding new or editing asset types so that I can see my company specific asset type in reporting.

How can I add a new asset type? 

  1. Choose “Account Settings” tab under 


  1. Click on Asset Manager.

  2. Click on the button labeled Add New Asset Type.

  3. Enter the information and hit ok.

How do I modify the name of an existing asset type?

  1. Choose “Account Settings” tab under Administration.

  2. Click on Asset Manager.

  3. Click on the name of the asset type you would like to edit.

  4. Enter the new details and click ok.

3. Feature: Modify columns in asset list

Problem it solves:

- Can I include comments?

- I don't want to see Status, I only have Active assets

- I don't want to see Location

- I'm specifying Hard Drive Type in asset detail, why can't I see it?

How do I manage columns? To Manage columns, click on the gear, and you will see an option to 'Manage Columns'  You will also be able to select any previous views that you created (In my case, I have two).

How can I manage the columns?

Once you click on Manage Columns, 

this screen will allow you to:

- Select/Unselect Columns

- Change column order

- Save for future use

- Or manage previously saved templates