Using Recommendations Boards

Lifecycle Insights has introduced a Board View feature to our Recommendations module.   This view will give you the ability to easily create a growth strategy for your clients and account managers while also giving you insights needed for staff planning and alignment.  

The Board view feature does this by giving you a card-based view of recommendations and projects and their status. Together with drag and drop functionality, the board view allows you to change dates and statuses quickly to adjust to changing client goals or staffing resources.  

This article describes the features and functions of the board view modules so you can quickly and easily make these changes to keep your business nimble and flexible.

Recommendation Cards

Summary cards for each recommendation are shown on the Status and Roadmap Boards.

Each card includes the recommendation title, cost categories, and assigned date range for easy reference.  

The Roadmap board also includes a status tag in the card for quick reference.

The Board view contains 2 areas for extra visibility into your project schedule.  The Status Board and the Roadmap Board.

The Status Board

The Status Board arranges recommendation cards by status.  Each lane on the board represents the configured statuses that you can set for a recommendation.

All statuses are configurable.  Click here for more information on recommendation settings 

The top of each status lane shows the proposed combined costs of all recommendations within that status category.

Roadmap Board

The roadmap board arranges all recommendations based on the assigned date range for each recommendation.

The Roadmap Board will display lanes by quarter for based on the date range of recommendations on the board.  Lanes are also included for Overdue and other non-defined timeframes.

Status tags assigned to each card for easy reference

Features and functions

The features and functions of both the Status board and the Roadmap board are similar.  This section will cover these functions and how to use them to get the most out of your board view.  

Drag and Drop Updates

You can move recommendation cards from one lane to another using the drag and drop function in each board.  

The drag and drop feature will automatically update the status or date range for your recommendation when moved to a new status lane or date lane.  Recommendations that are Overdue are assigned to the Overdue lane on the Roadmap Board.  You cannot drag and drop a recommendation to the overdue lane.  However, you can drag and drop a recommendation out of the overdue lane and a new date range will be assigned.


*this board is used for planning overview purposes.  Lanes are setup in quarterly time slots by default.  Moving a recommendation from one lane to another will automatically re-assign the date range based on the first date of the quarter.  

For example:  A recommendation is currently scheduled August 1st - August 31st.  If moved to the following quarter on the roadmap view, the dates will update beginning with the first date of the quarter (October).  

Add New Recommendation

You can create a new recommendation from any lane on either the Status Board or the Roadmap Board.  If you use a status column in the status board to add the recommendation it will be automatically assigned that status for you.  Likewise, if you add a new recommendation from a timeframe lane on the Roadmap Board, the new recommendation will be assigned with the date range corresponding to the lane selected. 

Click to Edit

Make changes to any recommendation quickly and easily with the click to edit feature.  Simply click any card on the board to open the recommendation details window.  

Quick Delete

Click on the ellipsis icon on any recommendation card to quickly delete the recommendation.


The Status and Roadmap Boards also include a search tool at the top of the page for conveniently finding recommendations.

Filter by Status 

The Roadmap Board includes a status filter which allows you to filter for statuses that you want to be displayed. 

Column Selectors

The Roadmap Board also includes selectable columns to customize your board view.  Click the gear icon at the top of the page to select the schedule-status columns to display on your board.