Report Builder Introduction and Beta Information

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Lifecycle Insights is pleased to announce the Beta release of Report Builder! This article will address a few things:

  1. The features and functions of the Report Builder

  2. Known issues

  3. Additional feature development



We will update this report as we add more features, address any issues we may find, and update any known issues. We are very much looking forward to your feedback. Please send any issues, feedback or feature requests to 


Let’s dive in:

The Report Builder is designed to allow you to create a repeatable framework for your business review reports. We will take a look at the feature two ways:

  1. Walk through using the “Lifecycle Default Template” (aka Alex’s favorites)

  2. Presenting with a template

  3. How to create your own template



  • Log in and click on “Report Builder - Beta” in the left hand navigation panel.

  • We will start by looking at the default template - you can see we will be able to “build from scratch” next. Click on the drop down to view pre-built templates

  • Select LCI Sample Template:

    • You will see the framework for the Alex's Agenda in the center panel

    • The bottom left now populates the list of Report Content that you will find in the report

    • Take a tour and click on each of the components

    • A few things to note: each component holds all of filtering/swatching that was established when the template was created and saved. For examples, check out

      • The 5 year budget forecast

      • Assets nearly warranty expiration



  • Once you have seen what the report components do, let’s look at it in Present mode. 



  • Click on “Present” in the top bar


  • You will now be able to page through the presentation using the arrow buttons at the top and view and interact with each of the components.



  • Close out of the presentation and click the word icon to download the full report.

  • Note: The present view will always be “LIVE” so as asset dates go to EOL, the link will show the up to date details. If you want a “point in time” report, you will want to download the document.

  • The document will take a few seconds to load and you might get a blank page at the beginning, but the report is in word so everything is editable. 


  • Now let’s build the EXACT SAME report for another client. Simply go to the dropdown picker and select another client. OK - all done! You now have the same report built for this client’s assets, user, assessments, projects etc. 


Now that you see how you will be able to use a template to replicate YOUR business review reporting quickly across all clients, let’s build one from scratch.



  • Go to the “Pre-built Templates” dropdown and select “Build from Scratch”

  • Choose “Add Report Components”

  • Click on the component you want to add

  • There are 3 components that will allow you to add elements to your report that are not current reports in Lifecycle Insights.

    • Agenda Templates 

      • We have load a default agenda which you can customize and save or consider building one or more versions of you own (Maybe an “Annual Agenda” versus a “Quarterly Report” Agenda)

    • Text Block Templates (These can be used to cut and paste images - like a Lifecycle dashboard tile or executive summary onto a page)

    • MS Word File Templates (This can be used to upload a full cover page or consistent Executive Summary.)

  • The other components are existing reports in Lifecycle. You can add multiple versions as our default template does with two different versions of budget reports.

  • BEST PRACTICE: Remember that each template saves the filters and swatches to help answer specific questions. Click on Asset List templates to see the Library of asset list reports we have built for you.

  • If you change the swatching as you view the report, you will be prompted upon leaving to determine if you want to save - you can select to save the template with the changes or save as a new template.


2) Known issues

  • Error cutting and pasting an image

  • WYSIWIG to Word formatting

  • If you try to download a report and it takes a very long time, check and make sure that you have selected options for any components that require a selection (project and assessments).


3) Additional feature development:

  • Add LCI Component Library

  • Add assessment analytics as a component

  • Add contracts list as a component

  • Move Preview from model to separate browser window

  • Add component for dashboard charts


Again, we are excited to get feedback. If you have any issues (and have already tried logging out and logging back in), then reach out to the support team at