New to Customer Success (CS)

New to Customer Success is a weekly group call that is open to all LCI partners (having the CS module is recommended). The call is aimed at providing roughly 30 minutes of actionable content, which MSPs can use to get the Customer Success Module set up in the LCI platform. This call assumes that the MSP has onboarded the vCIO module, and has clean data for at least their first 5 companies. You'll want to complete the vCIO setup for a minimum of 5 companies before it makes any sense to use and set up Customer Success. 


Once you've completed the vCIO setup for your primary customers and have begun building, scheduling, and conducting your QBRs, then you can check out the following video recordings from our New to CS calls.


  • Week 1 - Stack Alignment & Customer Detail pt.1
  • Week 2 - Customer Segments & Customer Detail pt.2
  • Week 3 - Customer Dashboard & Pipeline Management
  • Week 4 - Customer Success - Insights Report
  • Week 5 - Bonus Episode - Customer Detail Deep Dive

We hope you find these videos valuable as you work toward building and utilizing the Customer Success module within LCI. If at any point in the process, you have questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to us at