The report locker is available to store and archive your exported reports.  You can also add other artifacts to your report locker as well as link your archived reports to your business review meetings. 

Refer to the MSP Reports section of the Navigation pane to access the Report Locker main page   

The main page of the report locker window shows the stored reports categories.  Click the 'plus' icon to show the list of reports for each category.   


A separate report locker listing is available for each company in your tenant list, use the drop-down company selector to switch between tenant report lockers.

You can link reports to Business Reviews and other meetings.  Linked items will be shown and can be accessed through the links shown in the Report Locker

A Report Locker quick view icon is also available at the top of any window in the application that features downloadable data reporting such as the asset list, user list, and budget forecast modals. 

The report locker quick view will display a list of all reports stored in your locker. The file list will include the last generated timestamp, linked meeting dates, along with icons to delete, rename, or link/unlink the report to business review meetings.  


You can also upload other documents into your report locker (PDF, or Docx files only)

You can click on any filename to download the report to your local device. 

Click the upload icon in the upper right corner of the report locker window.

Use the upload box to drag and drop or click to select reports to upload to your locker.

Use the return to locker icon in the upper right corner of the window or use the close button to close the report locker.

To link a report to your Business Reviews, click the Link icon next to the report you would like to link.  

A drop-down selector will be available to select the meeting(s) you want to link the report to. (Note: If you have "no data" which you click to select a meeting date, you will need to go into the Business Review menu option to create a new meeting date.)

Select the business reviews by clicking the corresponding checkbox in the drop-down list.  Click the Submit button when you have finished selecting the meetings.  

You can access the linked reports directly from the business review meeting details window.