Stack Alignment Overview

Stack Alignment is another factor that will be a strong indicator of customer health. 

  • Have your customers fully aligned to your stack? 
  • Are there sticking points?
  • Are those sticking points other service providers offer? Could this be a threat to your business?


The Stack Alignment Overview page brings current products and revenue together with opportunities and alignment to give you insights to your client base. This will identify potential opportunities for expansion


There are two parts to the Stack Alignment Overview page.  The upper portion is a graph showing the Top 10 clients based on opportunity and MRR.

 The lower portion is a table view of all of your client's and your stack products.  

 Filters are available at the top of the page.  


 Click the icon to view the drop-down selections for each filter.



Available filters are Companies, Health Statuses, Effort Statuses,Account Managers, Account Groups, and Segments.

The filters apply to both the Top 10 graph and the Stack Alignment Table.

 The Top 10 graph charts the MRR and NRR opportunity, the current MRR and NRR, as well as stack alignment percentage to give you quick insight into the overall status of client alignment.  Better stack alignment can mean better MRR with less effort.  


The Stack Alignment Table gives you a more detailed look at your stack and how your customers align.

 The default view shows each product in your stack as rows in the table, and your clients as the columns.  The data within the table represents the available opportunity if you align the client with your product.   The colors represent the degree of alignment.  


Red - Not aligned

Yellow - Supported product, but not preferred

Green - Aligned with stack



Table Settings


The settings menu located above the Stack Alignment table allows you to change the view of the table, apply filters, and swap the rows and columns.


The Alignment View

The alignment view can give you two valuable insights into your book of business.


MRR Opportunity

Horizontal Measurement - are your account managers working their accounts correctly.  Are some better at getting their clients aligned to your stack than others?  


Percentage Alignment

Vertical measurement - Are you better aligned with manufacturing businesses vs medical based businesses.  How can you pivot from one to improve the other?


Use the view selector to switch between MRR Opportunity view and Percentage Alignment view



The Percentage Alignment view will show the alignment score for each product by client.



Use the filter by tags to view alignment scores or MRR opportunity for specific tags within your stack alignment. (Telcom stack vs Cloud stack for example)

You can also filter by Categories for your stack alignment items. 

Use the Filter by Type selector to view a broader or narrower range of opportunities and scores.


You can download the Stack Alignment table data to a .csv file for your own use.  Click the export icon in the upper-right corner of the window and click the Download CSV button.  The file will download to your local PC based on your browser settings. 


Please use the links below for more information on Stack Alignment.


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