Customer Detail - Company Profile

The Company Profile is the where the basic information that begins to define a customer's health and segmentation plot point begins. 


To access the company profile, select the company from the drop-down menu at the top of the page.

From the Navigation pane on the left, select Customer Detail from the Customer Success menu.


There are several menu selections available in the Customer Detail window.  Company Profile is the default selection.



Click the green 'edit' icon to edit the company details. 




Complete this modal as thoroughly as possible. Fields are defined below.




Executive Summary: Client Goals, Size, Focus, Vertical, etc, basically anything unique to this company's makeup or anything that makes this company stand out 


Monthly Recurring Revenue Override:  By default, this number is populated by the MRR of any included contracts that are active for your company.  Alternatively, you can enter an amount in this box to override the calculated value from active contracts.  

Clicking the contacts link will open the active contracts window for your review.


Some contracts can be excluded. Click here for contract exclusion instructions

Click Here for information on contracts.


Number of Employees: This number is generated from the user list when sync'd with the contacts in you rPSA.  You can decide if this number is accurate.   This number can be adjusted here manually, or contacts can be addressed in your PSA to increase the accuracy of the data sync for number of employees.


Tags: Tags can be assigned to each company profile.  These tags are used to help assign stack items to the company profile more efficiently.  Stack items with tags that match the company profile tags will be updated in the stack alignment setup for the company with the tagged stack items automatically.


Account Group(s): You can assign which account group(s) this company belongs to.  
Click here for more information on Account Managers and Account Group settings.


Date Customer Acquired: Optional field that does not impact segmentation score


Yearly Company Revenue: Optional field that does not impact segmentation score


Year Company Established: Optional field that does not impact segmentation score



Once you have completed the company profile edits, you will need to click the Save button to save changes.

This is only one step in setting up your customer detail.



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