Customer Health Metrics v2.0

Health Metrics allow you to score your clients based on common variables in order generate an overall health score for the customer segment module.  These measurements will help you identify the clients that are in need of attention and improvement from their technology partner. 

The health metric defaults are:

  • Sentiment - how the customer feels about your MSP
  • CSAT - Customer Satisfaction - if you use a tool to define this, such as SmileBack, use those results here
  • Org - how many of the decision makers and/or influencers are raving fans of your MSP
  • Renewals - 

Current configuration of Health Metrics 

  • SmileBack CSAT scores are auto-populated
  • All other health scoring is manual (although if you use an assessment to define your health metric, that can auto-populate from the vCIO side of the platform)
  • All metrics are global and will populate across all clients
  • Each metric’s weight can be edited to carry more or less influence on the overall client score

Working with Health Metrics

You can edit the scores by clicking the drop-down arrow for each metric.

To add or edit Health Metrics, under the CS Admin Section, select CS Account Settings, then click the Health/Effort Admin tile.

Select the Health Metrics Tab at the top of the page.

Metrics are shown with calculation explanations to the left of the metrics list.

To add a new metric, click the 'Plus' icon at the top of the listing.

You can select to add a Custom Metric or Import from Assessment

Custom Health Metrics

Enter the Name, Description, Set the Max Score, Select an Icon, and Set the weight* using the entry boxes provided. 

*Each score carries an assigned weight value, a contributing percentage of overall health score

Import From Assessments Metric 

This health metric is based off of the most recent score of any assigned assessment.

Metrics are global, it is recommended (but not required) that you use the same general assessment for all clients for this metric to function properly across all client scoring models.

Select the Assessment from the drop-down menu.  Enter a description, select an icon and set the scoring weight for the metric using the provided data boxes.

CSAT Scores Metric

The Crewhu, SmileBack or Simplesat metrics use CSAT scoring from you survey data which helps to make your health metrics scoring more robust and complete.  You can customize the scoring time period to keep your QBR report data fresh.

*Note - The customer detail dashboard tile will use the Period of Time setting assigned to the Health Metric created.  If no CSAT metric exists, the dashboard tile will display statics for the past 90 days by default.

Working with Metrics

You can add and define any new metrics your MSP decides is important in tracking customer health.

Use the 'Order' Icons to drag and drop the metrics in the order of preference.

Use the 'Edit' icon to edit any existing health metric.

Edit the Name, Description, Max score, Icon, or Weight.

Use the 'Trash' icon in the edit window to delete any existing health metric

You can restore a previously deleted metric by clicking the "recycle" icon and selecting the metric to restore.

Editing Health Cut Scores

Health scores that are reflected in the customer segment and customer detail dashboard can be customized to fit your business needs.  

Navigate to CS Account Settings >> Health Effort Admin >> Select the Health Cut Scores tab at the top of the screen.

From here you can edit the current cut score names, colors and scoring thresholds.  You can also add additional cut metrics as desired.  

Adding a Cut Score

Select the area to insert the new metric by selecting the appropriate "Add Row After" link displayed on the metrics table.

A new cut score will show in the table.  Edit the name and minimum score for the new cut. Maximum scores for all cut scores will recalculate.  You can edit all minimum scores to accommodate a new cut score.  

*One cut score must have a minimum score of zero

Select a color for the cut score by clicking the color swatch and selecting a color from the pop-up selector

Use the 'trash' icon to delete cut scores.

Cut score changes are reflected in the Customer Segment graph shown on the dashboard and in the Customer Segments module.

Health score color changes are also reflected in the customer detail dashboard