Customer Detail - SmileBack Reporting and Metrics

SmileBack integration provides CSAT reporting together to show your clients how successful your businesses are working together or can identify issues that you can work to resolve. 


SmileBack Integration provides insightful reporting to add to your QBRs.  You can create also a SmileBack health metric to enhance your health scoring for your client base.  Click here for SmileBack integration instructions


SmileBack Reports


SmileBack reports are available by first selecting the vCIO menu from the top of the navigation pane.

Next, select More Reports from the navigation menu, then select the SmileBack tile


Use the company selector at the top of the page to select your client to review


The SmileBack report window shows both a tiled scoreboard showing as well as the report of the review listing below.  


The report tiles show the current CSAT score, Review Data, and Response Rate.  These are designed to give you a quick review of your client's data


Use the 'gear' icon to manage the report columns you would like to view


Use the drop-down selector to change the time period of review data reported.


Use the provided search bar to look for specific review data



The report window will list the review data.  



Use the arrows at the top of each column to sort the report by the column data


Use the links provided for each review in the table to open the report in SmileBack



Use the export to document icon located at the upper-right corner of the window to export the report to pdf or docx format.


SmileBack Customer Success Dashboard Tiles


SmileBack tiles are shown in the Customer Detail section of the Customer Success module

This shows the current CSAT score for the client based on the previous 6 months of review data reported.  


*Note: This tile will use the 6-month default time span unless a SmileBack health metic is active for the selected company.  The tile will then default to the time-span configuration setting of the health metric.



The tile also includes hover data which categorizes the reviews based on response rating and will show the details of the reporting date range


SmileBack CSAT Health Metric


The SmileBack metric uses CSAT scoring from your SmileBack survey data which helps to make your health metrics scoring more robust and complete. 



You can specify the period of time to include for scoring as well as the weight value of the health metric.




The customer health score tile will display in the Customer Detail screen under the health metrics heading


Note: The SmileBack health metric uses a normalized scoring method to calculate an overall health score. Smileback scoring is based on a -100 through +100 scale and is shown using this native calculation on the dashboard tile. This score is normalized to a 0-100 method for the health metric. Therefore, the score shown in the health metric will not match the score shown on the dashboard tiles for your clients.



Click here for instructions on setting up SmileBack Health Metrics