Customer Detail - Stack Alignment

Stack Alignment is another factor that will be a strong indicator of customer health. 

  • Has the customer fully aligned to your stack? 
  • Are there sticking points?
  • Are those sticking points other service providers who could be a threat to your business relationship with the customer?


This will track: 

Services: name/quick definition of service - this is also where you can add notes about this particular area of their environment. When a note is added the note next to the service will turn from green to blue. Hovering will give a quick view of the note

Current Product: what do they currently use, if anything

Opportunity: (if the current product isn't part of your stack)

Alignment: currently manually set - how aligned is the customer to your stack

Agreement Inclusion: Is this product/service included in their current MRR

Recommendations: if there is an opportunity to move them to your service/product create or link a current recommendation from the vCIO module here

MRR Opportunity: this will pull from the Recommendation

NRR (labor) Opportunity: this will pull from the Recommendation 


The Customer Detail/Stack Alignment page is where you match your client's current portfolio to your stack.  All settings in the Customer Detail/Stack Alignment are per company, so stack alignment should be performed for each CS company.


Assumption that you have already configured your stack components in the Stack Manager.  For more information, please read the article - Create/Edit Your Stack Using Stack Manager.  


To set the alignment parameters, complete the steps below for each product:




If the customer profile has been assigned a stack tag or tags, the stack components associated to that tag will automatically be selected as applicable

For stack components that are not categorized with the companies assigned tags, the stack component is selectable

Check the box to set each product as applicable for the client 

*The applicable box must be checked in order to edit other fields in the table.





Use the add note icon to add notes to the stack component  



Type the note in the provided text box.  Click the '+' icon to add another note.  Click the Save button to save the note(s)

Individual notes can be deleted by clicking the 'trash' icon to the left of the note.



The add note icon will now show the number of notes available to view for the stack component




Use the Product/SKU selector to select the product that your client is currently using.




Use the Opportunity selector to select the product that you would prefer the client use.



Use the Alignment slider to set the Alignment status for the product.



Use the Agreement Inclusion checkbox is this product is part a of a more broad-based service agreement or contract.  If the stack component is configured as an agreement inclusion default, this box will be checked automatically if customer is assigned the stack tag in the customer profile



Use the Recommendations links to reference existing recommendations or to create a new recommendation.



Use the MRR Opportunity and NRR Opportunity fields to enter the projected MRR and NRR received if client converts to stack alignment preferred products.



Please see the article below for more information on stack alignment setup


Create/Define your stack in Stack Manager v2.0