Customer Detail - Engagements

The Engagements module in Customer Success links to the Meeting Details in the vCIO module giving you the ability to 

  • View current schedule of meetings and meeting types
  • Create and schedule new meetings
  • update recent events with tickets, notes and any artifacts that you want to define this snapshot of time with your customer.




These do not need to be limited to the typical QBR/TBR/SBR. Keeping track of meaningful interaction with your customer such as having them attend a social event, or training that your MSP hosted is a great health indicator. A customer who is participating with your MSP outside of service encounters is more likely to stick around. 


The engagements window will show meetings schedule in chronological order and colored by meeting type. 



To add/update meetings, click the plus sign next to Business Reviews under Engagements



Click here for more information on Using the Scheduler in vCIO.