Customer Success - Account Settings


The CS Account Settings page allows you to manage the distribution of accounts, define your company stack(s), Exclude contracts from calculation metrics, and set up your Health and Effort metrics.    

Settings here apply to all companies in your client list. 




CS Account Permissions


This page allows you to assign users to account groups as well as create and assign account managers to the group in order to align your customers with your account managers.  


The Account Group, Company Groups, and Account Manager pages can be accessed via the drop-down selector located in the upper right corner of the page. 



Company Groups

The Company Groups page is where you assign your companies to their account group or groups.   

Each company can be assigned to multiple Account Groups if needed.  If a company is not assigned to an account group, member users of that account group will not have access to the company or data in the Customer Success modal.


To assign a company to a group or groups, find the company from your listing and click the company name to open the assignment window. 



Click the drop-down group selector to assign the account groups to the company by clicking the appropriate check boxes. 


Account Groups


The page displays a list of available account groups showing companies assigned and assigned account managers.  

To add a new account group, click the green Add New Account Group icon as shown below.

To add users to the account group or to assign account managers, the users must first exist 

in the vCIO user list.  Click Here for vCIO User List Information




In the Add Account Group window, assign a group name, enter an optional description.  Next, select the companies available for the group.  vCIO security groups take precedence over the assigned companies for account groups.  If a user is assigned to an account group which has access to companies that are not part of the user's vCIO security group setting, the companies will not be available for the user. 


You can assign one or more account managers to the group.  




Click the Save icon to save your selections.


Account groups are listed in the table as shown below: 


Click the account group name to edit the group settings, or the delete icon to remove the account group.

Customer Sucess Segment reports also allow for filtering of data by account groups.  Dashboard tiles can also be filtered by account groups or account managers.


Account Managers 


The Account Manager page displays a list of currently assigned account managers.  Account Managers can be assigned Customer Success access to specific companies.  You can also assign account managers to specific account groups.

You can edit and delete current users in the list.



To add a new account group, click the green Add Nee Account Manager Button. 

Select the user from the drop-down user list. All users must have an existing vCIO account.

You can also set the User is a manger flag using the checkbox.  

Click the Save button to add the user to the Account Manager list.




CS Stack Management


Stack Manager is where MSPs can define their Products/Services - Technical Stack. This information will be used across clients to give insights into client alignment and sales opportunities. 


Please refer to the documents below for complete instructions on Stack Manager and stack alignment setup

Create/Define your stack in Stack Manager v2.0

Stack Alignment Overview

Customer Detail - Stack Alignment



CS App Settings


App Settings allows you to exclude contracts and agreements from the customer scoring metrics or MRR calculations throughout the customer service platform.  You may want to ignore 3rd party contracts where the cost is pass-thru.  Or you may want to exclude an agreement that is phasing out or phased out in lieu of a new agreement.



The App Settings page contains a drop-down list to exclude contracts by vendor and a second drop-down list to exclude contracts by account.   Use either list to select contracts to exclude



Contracts selected for exclusion will display on the right side of the window.  Click the blue Save button to save your changes.




Health/Effort Admin


This section is where you go to manage your Health and Effort scoring metrics items. 

You can also set health cut scores from this page.


For complete instructions on configuring Health metrics, Effort metrics, and Health Cut Scores, please refer to the instruction documents linked below:


Customer Health Metrics v2.0

Customer Effort Metrics