Customer Segments v2.0

The value this customer segmentation provides is identifying risk of churn and increasing retention with your clients

At a glance, it can help define proper cadence for business reviews because they will be shaded red, yellow, or green and plotted on the segmentation map. 


Customer Segments are mapped by: 

  • MRR - their monthly recurring revenue to your MSP
  • Value - how profitable are they for your MSP
  • Effort - how much actual work and/or risk goes into maintaining them


To access Customer Segments module, use the menu on the left


For each client, the value they bring for the effort they require is set bv the following factors:

  • Tech Debt - Current Replacement cost total of all overdue or approaching EOL asset items.
  • Employees - This is used to calculate 'per seat' averages.
  • Contract MRR - This total is calculated as the sum of all aligned contracts currently active for the client.
  • Segment Value - Manually enter a segment value for the client (Overrides Contract MRR Value)
  • Overall Value - Selected value or either Contract MRR or Segment Value.
  • Effort - This is something that should be defined by your MSP so that there is standardization across clients. Consider things like network complexity, how many locations they have, whether or not they have compliance needs, and how many tickets they submit each month when scoring for effort. 


As you set and score the health value and effort metrics in Customer Detail, the Segment position on the far right and in the graph at the top of the Customer Segment window will change. 


Clients above a score of 50 will be above the X axis

Clients below a score of 50 will be below the X axis

*Scoring thresholds are also customizable see the editing health cuts section below



You can modify the segment names and descriptions by clicking the "Gear" icon located in the upper right corner of the Segments window. 


To rename a segment, click on the segment name displayed in the graph and enter the name (3 characters max)

You can also edit the description using the description editing box. 



To view a breakdown of value, health, effort, tech debt, MRR and other information, hover your mouse of a segment plot.

To edit more customer health or effort details, click on the corresponding dot

Click on the Health Metrics link and follow the instructions in the Editing the Customer Health Metrics



Click on the Effort link and follow the instructions in the Editing the Customer Effort Metrics article.



Editing Health Cut Scores


Health scores that are reflected in the customer segment and customer detail dashboard can be customized to fit your business needs.  



Navigate to CS Account Settings Health Effort Admin Select the Health Cut Scores tab at the top of the screen.



From here you can edit the current cut score names, colors, and scoring thresholds.  You can also add additional cut metrics as desired.  


Adding a Cut Score


Select the area to insert the new metric by selecting the appropriate "Add Row After" link displayed on the metrics table.


A new cut score will show in the table.  Edit the name and minimum score for the new cut. Maximum scores for all cut scores will recalculate.  You can edit all minimum scores to accommodate a new cut score.  

*One cut score must have a minimum score of zero



Select a color for the cut score by clicking the color swatch and selecting a color from the pop-up selector


Use the 'trash' icon to delete cut scores.


Cut score changes are reflected in the Customer Segment graph shown on the dashboard and in the Customer Segments module.

Health score color changes are also reflected in the customer detail dashboard



The articles below will help get you started in defining your client/customer as thoroughly as possible in LCI's Customer Success platform: