Unlock all customers for AIR (Asset Insights Reports)

If you have checked your integration and are ready to unlock the rest of your customers' reports, you can do that here! This will end your trial and charge your card immediately (which is why we want you to confirm your data first - we want happy customers!) 


1) Click on "here" in the banner at the top of the platform.


2) You will need to click OK to confirm that the payment will process.


 3) And you will receive a dialog box confirming that is was successful.


If you get an error message, click on the help icon in the lower left corner of the platform to submit a support ticket.



4) Now you can add any/all companies. Start by clicking on Integrations

5) Click on your Primary Integration tile (Syncro shown here - but yours might be CW Manage, Autotask, ITGlue, HaloPSA)

6) Select the Company Settings tab at the top

7) Filter, search or scroll through your list of companies and select any/all in the Asset Insights (AIR) only column

8) Click save

Click blue button that says save changes

9) Make sure that AIR is selected in the Module Selector

10) Choose the Dashboard or Asset List in the left hand navigation panel

Dashboard selected in menu

11) Select whichever company you would like to review in the company picker in the top bar

Drop down list showing two companies

Now you are ready to review your clients assets EOL status, warranty status, or schedule email delivery.

See articles on any of those here:

Asset report

Schedule email delivery