More Reports Section Added To Lifecycle Insights

Lifecycle Insights has added a new More Reports section to the VCIO platform.  The section is designed to encapsulate all third-party integration data points used for reporting into a single aggregated area.  As we begin to bring on more and more 3rd party integrations, we will add to the integration vendor to this page.




The More Reports Section is located in the Company Reports Section of the VCIO Module.


Within the More Reports Section, you will find the following tiles:


  • MS Secure Score
  • Breach Secure Now
  • KnowBe4
  • Augmentt
  • Saaslio
  • SmileBack
  • Tickets Dashboard  (*Note:  This tile will only show if we have successfully imported tickets from your PSA - CW Manage, Autotask, Syncro, Halo PSA)



Use the links below to learn more about each of these reporting tiles and their features by clicking the linked articles below:


MS Secure Score: Microsoft Secure Score Integration

Breach Secure Now: Security Awareness Data: Breach Secure Now Integration

KnowBe4: Security Awareness Data: KnowBe4 (Early Adopter)

Augmentt: Augmentt Discover Integration

Saaslio: Sasslio Reporting and Integration

SmileBack: SmileBack Integration

Tickets Dashboard: Tickets in Report Builder